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From: S. G.
Date: 1/29/21 7:51 PM (GMT-07:00)
Subject: Phoenix lights

I just watched Phoenix Lights on Prime. I was the official weather observer on duty at Luke AFB that night. We received several calls from the public about the strange lights. I was working in the weather station, so I would’ve only answered calls that went directly there, and there were many that night. I went into our observatory on the roof to see for myself and had no explanation to tell people! It was a straight line of 7 or 8 lights (some disappearing and reappearing in a few minutes’ time). They seemed to be stationary, lasting for 15 minutes or so. I recall the lights being white, but I was amazed at how large the lights were for how far away they were reported. Like huge spotlights, but without beams, like glowing orbs. I wanted you to know I was there and I saw it.

I’ve been a believer since I saw a UFO when I was 5-years-old, so I also wasn’t surprised, but definitely amazed. I was working the 3-11pm shift at Luke. It was my third year in the military and at Luke. I don’t know the exact time. It was many years ago now, but calls began coming in one after the other, asking if we were doing some kind of training or something. People were asking why there were strange lights over the city. I had no answers. I was about as low on the military totem pole as you could get (LOL), but I did my duty to “observe”. I went onto the roof and looked east out over Phoenix and sure enough, I saw the orbs of light, just kind of hanging there. One or more of them would die out and seem to re-light again. I watched, I guess for ten minutes or so, and went back inside. Eventually the calls stopped. I mentioned it to the night shift that came in at shift change and that was that. This was before internet and cellphones.

I’ve always been a believer and believed then that it was “otherworldly.” I considered myself to be EXTREMELY lucky to have seen it with my own eyes and just moved on with life. In the years since, it has come up a time or two. Never could forget it. I still feel like I had a unique and special experience!

S. G.


From: K H
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2021 5:38 PM
Subject: I saw the Phoenix lights but never wrote you...


I guess it's a long time later to be telling you about this. I kept thinking about it over the years & my son & I would reminisce about it now & then. But then we would get distracted & life goes on... I guess we just thought that so many people reported the event that we would be just two more of many. I'm retired now & saw something on TV yesterday that jogged my memory about it.

At approx. 9:30 pm that night, I was driving on I-17 from Union Hills to the Peoria exit. I remember the time because it was a school night & I wanted to get home before 10:00. My 10 yr. old son was in the front passenger seat. Around the Thunderbird exit area we suddenly noticed V-shaped lights in the sky in front of us. We both noticed it at the same time. We had no idea what it could possibly be & kept saying "What is that?" "What could it be?" Then the lights completely disappeared.

The lights reappeared immediately in a new location closer to us. The way it moved was not like anything I had ever seen before. It was impossibly fast! Then it disappeared again. After that, a gigantic craft was above us on the right. It seemed to come out of nowhere. We did not see it materialize, but calmly observed it as "just being there". It came even lower & closer towards us until we could see it very clearly. My son rolled the window down & we discovered the craft made no noise at all. There were lights all around outlining the bottom of the [V shaped] craft & they rotated horizontally. It looked more rounded & dome-shaped at this point.

We kept driving & looking at it as carefully as we could in order to figure out what it was. There were what appeared to be small windows going horizontally along the middle of the craft. It reminded me of an observation area. And it looked like there were lots of people inside looking down onto the freeway at our location. They seemed to be milling around inside. I could not see any clear features, just shadows of what looked like people. The people-like shadows had body language that seemed relaxed, as if they were at a nice function or cocktail party. I kept trying to think of what company could possibly have access to a craft like that & take a bunch of people up in it.

We felt very excited & happy to be seeing this. We just kept saying OMG, This is Amazing, Can't Believe this, etc. I looked around to the car in the left lane from ours, but those people did not seem to be looking in that direction. Then I just concentrated on the craft & catching any other details I could remember. I wish I could remember more about the color. I'm pretty sure it was a light color. It was very easy to see it clearly. After approx. ten minutes, it started moving across the freeway & we couldn't see any more of it. We were under it at that point. I remember thinking I would turn on the 10:00 pm news to see if anyone had called in about seeing it.

We rushed inside to tell my husband about it. He thought we were being rather giddy. AND it definitely was on the news [that week]! It felt good that others had seen something also. It occurred to us the next day that we felt very peaceful & safe during the whole event. I am usually a slightly anxious person about anything of that nature, but I only remember a feeling of awe & calmness. I remember thinking it was the craft that gave us that feeling.

Thank you for your time.


K. H


Christopher W.
Fri. 7/24/2020 10:10 PM
Subject: Immensely Grateful

Dr. Lynne,

This evening I watched your 2015 SkyFire Conference Phoenix Lights presentation on Adventure Unlimited’s YouTube channel. Little did I know how much this video would awaken something inside of me. Something clicked when you discussed the message. At the end of the video I cried, I reflected … I listened. I can count the number of times I’ve truly cried in my life on my hand. This message, this presentation, this event evoked something. Something I don’t fully understand but know is real. We are cosmically connected. We do have watchers. And we must watch and listen. Truly listen.

I write this as a thank you for awakening a sleeping giant. This chance meeting with your presentation has connected a missing piece in me. A bold statement I know. But I have a feeling you know what I mean. It’s important to let people know when they’ve made an impact and/or produced something of great value. You’ve done both and provided a great treasure to a topic that is gaining momentum as we discover more about our collective past, present, and future. I bought the 20th anniversary edition of the book on Amazon and will also be watching the documentary very soon. I’ll be sure to follow up when I finish them. At face value, they both look great! Looking forward to carrying this message forward in life.

Thank you again,




From: bhinds4880
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 8:54 AM
Subject: Phoenix Lights over Roswell NM

It was just another Thursday night at the bus factory in Roswell NM. I was working the 2nd shift 3:30 - 12:00, the 10:00 break buzzer went off and myself and 3 coworkers stepped out the West door over looking the North South runway of the Roswell airport, looking to the West we spotted 5 white round lights about 2 miles away, we asked each other what is that? As our eyes adjusted we could tell they were coming our direction. We realized that this was a very large Boomerang shape stealth (silent) black craft. The Five Lights underneath the craft we're more like Windows looking into the craft. As it flew right over the building we could see no sharp edges all of the edges are smooth exact Boomerang shape. It was about a quarter mile wide and about 60 yards width 15 yards thick. It was about 500 feet in the air, it didn't make any sound. We got to watch this crafts for about 4 minutes so my guess is it was traveling 30 miles per hour. After it flew over we looked at each other and said nobody's going to believe this.

That Thursday night happened to be March 13th 1997. It wasn't until we saw the news the next day that other people in Phoenix Arizona saw that exact same thing. The details are etched into my memory like I saw it last night.

Brad Hinds


From: Renee Loreth
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2019 12:23 AM
Subject: I was there and witnessed the UFO

I will never forget the night of March 13, 1997. I was on my way home from work late at night and heading north on the freeway. Something caught my eye through the passenger window and at first I saw something going over the air traffic control tower and just thought it was a plane taking off and heading west above my car. I thought it was pretty low and it wasn’t very fast. A few cars ahead of me pulled over on the side of the freeway and I did as well. I rolled my window down and didn’t see the plane go over the top of my car yet. It was so low and the bottom was covered with lights and some of them were flashing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was moving slow over the top of my car and made no sound at all. It was so big that I couldn’t even see width or length.

Honestly, I thought it was some sort of a dream and it didn’t seem real. The people in the cars that pulled over in front of me were still there and I just looked up and stared. It was so close going over my car that I couldn’t believe it. I was afraid to get out of my car. It slowly went over the freeway and continued west and slightly north to the downtown Phoenix area. Nobody in the other cars said anything. They all looked as shocked as I was. When I pulled back out onto the freeway I was numb and shocked at what just happened. I watched it for the rest of my drive home. I’ve mentioned it to just a few people over the years and could tell there was no belief and it just made me feel awkward. This is my first time opening up and I would be more than willing to talk about this and even take a lie detector test as proof. Every time I think about this, as I have many times over the years, I can still see what it looked like and how close it was over my car.

Renee Loreth


From: Ward Vanderway
Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2018 10:16 AM
Subject: 1997 ufo lights over Phoenix

Hi, I'm from the Chicago area and never really had a chance to tell my story. It may seem a little sketchy due to time and limited knowledge of Phoenix. I was up on South Mountain with my wife that night. We were at some scenic overlook somewhere near that steakhouse where they cut off your necktie and hang it on the wall. (Hole in the Wall) I was taking time lapse photos of the city on my 35mm camera. (no I don't have any good shots, did not attempt considering a few lights would never show up anyway, kind of like taking a 4"x 6" photo of the Rocky Mountains, its just not the same.)

Camelback Mountain was a little to my left (west) and I believe Scottsdale Road was a little to my right (east). It was a fascinating sight to be sure although my pregnant wife could care less. After 40 minutes, I think, I was forced to leave about when it was approaching Camalback Mt. Probably noticed it first over south Scottsdale. Like most reports it was moving very slow for an aircraft. I was guessing speed at 30-35 MPH based loosely on the speed of traffic down Scottdale Road. It's very quiet on the mountain but I could hear no sound from the aircraft, certainly not the chop from a bunch of helicopters flying in formation. I know the blue angels are good, but I don't believe any group could fly in that good of formation.

As I followed it's movement I could estimate the wing span by the north/ south streets at a good mile wide. (that's too far for formation flying and the lights never shifted.) As it got closer I could identify a very narrow fixed wing blotting out the stars behind it. From my elevation it just appeared to be a flat fixed wing; no body like a mile wide 747, just a flat wing with minor center to end draw. (Not a V-shape like some photos, but i was looking straight on at it, not up.) I have no idea what it was, but it was very weird. I find it hard to believe there are so many people smarter than me that could build an airship with a mile wide wingspan and make it fly at thirty knots with a silent propulsion system, extended range, and able to generate enough current to run those lights. Those were powerful lights. Besides what would be the point? What would you use it for? Not a spy plane, 10K people saw it! Where exactly do you launch and land a plane with a mile wide wingspan??? How do you generate the strength to hold up the wings? Horizontal is hard to do.

Ward Vanderway



From: Jon Almada
Sent: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 3:00 PM
To: Health Education Learning Programs
Subject: Your movie on the Phoenix Lights

Dear Dr. Lynne,

I've had some contact with you off and on over the years and have had more than a passing interest in the Phoenix Lights and the events surrounding them since then. You have always been very nice in your communications and I figured you might find this story of mine interesting.

I always wondered what would happen if I saw something I couldn't explain and given my 30+ years of aerospace computing background and having grown up with a rocket scientist for a father (Apollo, Minuteman, Polaris, etc), I figured if I ever did see something, I would apply my skill sets to the sighting. I myself worked on the Space Shuttle, Titan, Delta, Orion and many other programs over my multi-decade career. I am an amateur astronomer with 40 years of experience with the night sky and know the full range of aircraft and rockets in the U.S. inventory. I have flown in high performance prop fighters in combat against retired Top Gun pilots in desert war games and I consider myself, at a minimum, better equipped as an observer than most folks given my technical credentials.

Before I go on, I figured a sighting like this always happened to the "other guy" - Never to a technical type like me. It was truly unexpected and all the more mysterious and amazing as a result.

In October 2016, I experienced a sighting in broad daylight while flying quadcopters with a friend at a local school. I turned to see two white diamond shaped craft spinning at high speed around each other at a great height from the ground. At first I mistook them for parachutes spinning around each other because they spun around each other so quickly. The objects appeared self-luminous and began to slow very quickly as my friend and I fixed our gaze on these two strange craft. I actually sent a quad-copter up to try to film both of the craft, only to have my quad-copter camera mysteriously malfunction. Something that had never happened to that quad-copter before or since.

My report to NUFORC is shown below for the full technical and observational experience in some detail. You will see that I attempted a wide range of measurements and behavioral observations. It is as detailed of a report as I can make considering that I was in no way prepared for the event when it occurred.

There is an additional detail to share that is NOT in the report. As I watched your movie on the Phoenix Lights, I noted how the video emphasized the feeling of being watched and how calm people were after having experienced it. Such sightings left them with a sense of wonderment and curiosity.

This same sense of being watched was noticed by both of us who experienced this craft in broad daylight. As the two craft slowed from what was originally an extremely fast rate of spin around each other to a full stop, we literally FELT EYES ON US! It was a very distinct feeling and we both commented on it as the sighting took place and afterwards. I will note that for about 3 week afterwards, my sleep was very much disturbed and I would wake in a cold sweat and walk out front of my ranch to scan the night sky. I wasn't scared so much as being more in shock... Shock is a good word for this. I was simply not prepared to witness this in person.

I am a retired computer scientist now and it has been over a year since this sighting. And while I have my technical background, I have family who have certain intuitive skills. I also have these gifts and my friend who was there with me is similarly gifted. I can say with absolute certainty that this was an intelligence that homed in on us looking at them and returned the attention. I would not add this detail unless I was absolutely sure this feeling was corroborated. And the fact that the spinning began to slow and ultimately stop when we fixed eyes on these two craft is a good indicator that our attention to the crafts was noticed.

I still do not understand why this happened to us and why other people for miles around didn't see these craft and report them, but for us, it was a stunning thing to witness, made all the more incredible when we realized that we were being watched in return. I am writing this because I have that feeling that I will be seeing something like this again and I try very hard to be sure I have a camera with me at all times as a result.

My question to you is thus; Was there a sense of these things returning again when your sightings started? That the orbs you saw would be back? I'm convinced now that this isn't going to be a one-time event. What should I be prepared for if this is a repeat phenomenon? I very much feel like this was "meant to be" and that some people do get picked out to see these things for a reason. I'm still at a loss as to why I would see it, but I feel privileged and honored to have experienced it.

I hope this letter finds you well and thank you for all you have done to bring this fascinating subject to the mainstream.

Jon Almada

P.S. The diamond shape seemed to have transitioned to a circular one for reasons I cannot yet understand. It may be some kind of cloak or screening tech to hide the craft. Again - We are not saying this was an alien craft, but given extremely unusual behavior of this aircraft, we felt that this did not fit any known technology that we have had any knowledge of and given my aerospace background, I cannot match this to anything I have ever experienced. It truly is an "unknown".


From: Ray Maddox
Sent: Thursday, March 9, 2017 4:14 PM
To: Dr. Lynne
Subject: Re: Lights

On Mar 9, 2017 16:16, "Ray Maddox" wrote:

My name is Raymond Lynn Maddox II. In January of 1997 I decided to go live with my father Raymond Lynn Maddox in Mesa, Arizona. My father had taken a job as a flight instructor at Prism Aviation at Falcon field.

We lived in a set of apartments off alma school and chandler near Coffee Talk, a small shop I enjoyed walking to. The apartment complex made a circle around a swimming pool. Our apartment was small, but had an amazing view of the mountains from our balcony.

I was sixteen and had taken to smoking. The weather was amazing, and the whole complex had taken to having BBQs and swim parties. I think bittersweet Symphony was playing on a radio downstairs somewhere.

I had seen some strange lights over the mountains a few nights before from the balcony. As I stood smoking a cigarette that evening the lights returned. Sliding into reality like the tab of a pop up book, as if the sky had been sliced open...the entire world fell silent. I stood mesmerized, fixated on these orange ovals for quite some time. Eventually they started to move. Coasting toward me. There was no sound. The lights as they approached were quite soothing. On the television They had been playing previews for the movie A Bugs Life. The commercial had a bug zapper and the bugs were yelling "Don't go into the light." This commercial popped into my head, the thought of it made me quite alarmed. As my tension rose i became fixated on a point i can only assume would have been a cockpit area at the forward center of this vessel. A voice appeared in my mind. It sounding like 100 soothing voices softly speaking simultaneously. "Do not worry Star Born, we are merely searching"

As I stood transfixed in awe, I managed to raise my left hand in a sort of star stuck dumbfounded half wave. I managed to reply one word, Hi.

As the vessel passed overhead I could feel its sheer mass, however it made no sound, I felt like I was in a giant magnet or something. The ship was black like onyx and shaped like a pyramid with a triangle cut out of the center. In the "cutout" portion of the ship the stars in view beyond the ship contorted like looking through a thin sheet of water, or heat waves on concrete.

I didnt speak of this for 17 years, or even remember it really, until 3 years ago I stumbled across a picture of the Phoenix Lights in some tv show. I felt like I had been hit by a train as memories came flooding back. I have told 3 people now but never in detail, I always felt ackward and fearful...this is the first time I have ever tried to recall in detail.

Since January the event has been in my thoughts constantly. About a week ago I spoke to a friend of mine who is a mason, I figured he could at least keep my secret, even if he didnt believe me. he showed interest in the subject so I pulled up youtube. I found this documentary that you were in. Dr. Lynne you struck me as someone who could help me make some sense of things, and put my in touch with others that were there.

I can get all the small details with some phone calls I am sure. Unfortunately my father has passed. Its been two decades of repression, but I will happily undergo hypnosis or anything else to prove my credability. I just need to know more, that Im not crazy, to see and talk to someone who saw what I saw. I need to know if anyone else aquired gifts or talents they didnt have before.. I really appreciate your time, I know you are busy.

Yours in sincerity,

Ray Maddox


Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 18:38:03 -0500
Subject: Re: 1997 Phoenix Lights UFO

Hello Dr Lynne,

I was living with my parents in Collierville, TN about 11 miles east of Memphis. It was I think the 2nd Sunday in May 1997 (about two months after the Lights over Phoenix event) and though I worked the 2nd shift I usually had the weekends off. It was the twilight hour maybe around 8:30 or so. I was standing in front of our garage in back of the house looking at the sky southward and between the trees About 40 - 45 degrees up from the horizon. All of the sudden it floated by when I saw it through the opening between some trees off in the distance but not that far away. It was clear to me though and I thought it was huge. Thinking back I think I was mesmerized and it was difficult to process. I had never seen anything like it and just stared with wonder even though I only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared behind the tree line of sight. I don't remember what happened next. I think I just walked back into the house. I will never forget what it looked like though. Friend or foe I consider myself very blessed to have witnessed such a thing. Later I felt so alone like it was something I could not talk about to anyone. There was no one there with me when I saw it. It would take several years before I heard about MUFON on CoastToCoast radio show and decided to report it.

Description: Did not make a sound. I could not tell how far away it was but I thought it was maybe at least two football fields wide. It had a wing like outline. I was thinking maybe 2000 - 3000 ft. in the air. It was going very slow just floating across the sky. I would say not even 20 or 30 MPH. I thought how odd. That didn't make any sense. It had 5 distinct lights underneath and I was thinking the lights were about 20 feet in diameter. The lights were like a white fluorescent and round in shape. The craft itself was dark colored but it was getting dark and I barely saw the outline. I was looking at about 45 degrees up from the horizon I think. I do not draw well and I don't know how to draw it from an angle and out in the distance but if it were going overhead it would look like the following:

Sometime around that time frame I remember there was something on the local news about how some people saw a UFO in the area but it was not a major event in Memphis. I guess not too many people were looking up at the sky then. Sometime later that Summer I saw a news article in USA Today newspaper about a UFO that people saw in Phoenix. Someone had made a computer drawing and I was taken aback. That was what I saw except the angle in their drawing was not as shallow as the angle of the craft I saw. Otherwise that was what I saw.




Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 19:39:09 -0400
Subject: Re: Phoenix Lights

Hello Dr Lynne,

My wife and I were driving back to Ft Huachuca when we noticed the lights coming up behind us from the direction of Mexico. We stopped to look and when we did we saw it. A huge V shaped craft, appeared to be gun metal grey with lights that went along the front edge of it.

It was just a few hundred feet above the Huachuca mountain range as far as height and a dim orange light emitted from the center of the front and one on each of the outside edges smaller light blue lights dotted the edges in between the orange lights. It was silent. Not sure what time it was I don't think it was real late but it was dark outside. Looked at the photos (on the PLN GAP page) and T-1 gave me chills. That image is very close to what I saw when it was exiting Sierra Vista. The wing span was at least a 1/2 mile. It had a thickness to it that looked slightly bigger than our jumbo jets.

This thing was bigger than any plane I have ever seen. The craft was moving too slow to be an earthly craft. We watched it until it had gone over the mountain range and then we could just see a few lights in the distance. This thing was huge.

If it is one of ours, they are hiding something, but I don't think so. I do believe this is other worldly. I also took pictures that were not returned to me when I had them developed. Wish I had a digital camera then.

Thank you for listening.

John Shipman



FACEBOOK post by a PHOENIX LIGHTS fan on August 26, 2015

Dear Dr. Lynne,

I love the book and all the stories of the many incidents of The Phoenix Lights. P.S. I've had quite a few sightings myself including one of a large triangular object while camping in Burney Falls Ca. in 1997.

I don't remember the exact date. Sometime in August of '97. It was really high in the sky after dark. It seemed as high as an airliner would be but it seemed quite large and moving slower than a plane. It blocked out the stars as it moved across the sky. Completely silent with three solid amber or yellow lights in the shape of a triangle that didn't blink or strobe.

I noticed it when i was putting my son to bed our tent. I called my ex wife's family over and they all saw it. It seemed to be moving along the edge of a lightning storm that was approaching from the west towards Redding, Ca. It was very exciting to see.

Since then I've probably had upwards of seven to ten sightings. I assume it's because you tend to actually look up more after a sighting!

Chris Strong



Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2015 22:03:22 -0700
Subject: Re: Phoenix Lights

Dear Lynne,

Here is a revised copy of my full story....Michael

My name is SSG M. Roder (retired police), call sign Tarantula27C. I was a soldier and OC (observer controller) stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA - National Training Center. Ft. Irwin training area is located approx. 30 miles NW of Baker, CA. During the spring "March 97" the OC training group of approximately 10 to 15 soldiers - all at or above the rank of Staff Sergeant, some enlisted and some commissioned officers: captains, majors, and our commander - Colonel - call sign T7.

It was around 8 or 9 pm completely dark. The armor battalion we were observing was dug in with 10 to 12 M-1 Abrams tanks below us on the "live fire" portion of the training exercise. We OC's were acting as safety officers overlooking the live fire from a huge U-shaped berm directly behind each M-1 tank. After the range went "hot" and a few tanks fired at targets down range about a mile and a half, there was a pause in the action. That's when one of my friends called me on our OC satellite radio and told me look behind me (to the east). What I saw were 4 or 5 bright lights hovering just above the horizon about 3 or 4 miles away. However, they were so bright....they could have been at a greater distance. The distance was great enough so that you couldn't see if the lights were fixed to an object. However, the lights were in a semi-straight line.

I was a "forward observer" and trainer in the army and have called in mortar, 105mm and 155 mm howitzer illumination rounds over the years and have never seen lights that bright. They were clearly not illumination flares - that is impossible because there wasn't a phosphorus smoke trail. We called T-7 to alert him of possible Blackhawks (helicopters) with large search lights, in the airspace behind us. That's all we figured it could be.

T-7 called a "cease-fire" until he called Range Control to get a report on any aircraft in the area. After 3 or 4 minutes the word came back from Range Control that all aircraft was grounded due to SOP (standard operating procedure) on Live-Fire night. In addition, NO Medivac helicopters were flying due to NO emergencies on post. So, basically all 640,000 sq acres of land - size of Rhode Island was completely cleared airspace with everything grounded. The order was given to continue the "live fire" since the lights were not hindering the exercise, due to being behind the direction of fire/firing line.

For a few days / weeks after the incident my colleagues and I talked some about the lights but nothing ever came of it except "no one knows." To this day whenever I see a show or clip of the Phoenix lights.....I say to myself and out loud to my wife, "I saw those lights at Ft. Irwin."

SSG M. Roder (retired U.S. Army paratrooper) T27C


Reported to PHOENIX LIGHTS NETWORK on Facebook - April 23, 2015

So here's a snapshot of my experience- I spend most weekends during the summer months at my family's lake house in the Catskill Mountains- Roscoe, New York in upstate New York , exit 94 off of Route 17 to be exact. Our house is on a Sean Lake, a very small lake that is shared between us and 4 other families that have houses around the lake's perimeter. I come from a family of avid fishermen and it's my favorite thing to do when I'm up there.

On Saturday night, August 10th, 2013 between the hours of 10 pm and 11 pm, I was night-fishing off of our dock. It was a very clear and humid night and I'll never forget how loud the bullfrogs and crickets were.. much louder than usual. As I was fishing, I noticed a certain static energy around me. The feeling was totally impossible to put my finger on, but it felt like I had pins and needles all over my body. My first thought was that I was being attacked my mosquitos. As I'm thinking this, virtually all the sounds of nature around me go completely silent. I didn't even have a chance to process this before I look up and see an enormous triangle-shaped object slowly breaking the tree-line and coming towards the lake. Once it was over the lake, it looked like it was covering the entire sky around the lake. I tried estimating how high and big it was, but all I was able to process was that it was big enough to cover the entire lake. It had three extremely bright lights on each of its three sides and one bigger, duller light in the object's center.

I'll never forget taking off my glasses to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing and the 3 bright lights looked like rainbows. When I put my glasses back on, the rainbows went away and they were just bright lights again. I was scared and intrigued at the same time. I just stood there and watched as it flew over the tree-line on the opposite end of the lake and flew out of site. Once it was gone, I realized what I saw was not something you see every day. I ran up to the house and told my grandfather what I saw. He didn't seem phased by the story I told him and replied, "Yea, people see things like that up here all the time." I didn't have my cellphone on me since there is no service whatsoever up there so I couldn't take a photo. I also asked the families that have houses on the lake about it and none of them saw anything.

I took a look at the PLN website and I have to say, it looks eerily similar to the Sky Harbor Triangular - Extremely large, very bright lights on each corner and black or dark grey. The only difference is that whatever I saw had a big yet dull light on the center of the craft. I definitely felt that it was "other-worldly." The way everything around me fell silent was like nothing I ever experienced before. Also the way it made my skin crawl was just plain weird. It moved completely silent and it reminded me of a cloud moving on a windy day, if you know what I mean. And strangest of all was the sheer size of the thing. I really couldn't determine how large it was but it literally covered the entire lake.

There is a military base approximately 50 miles from Roscoe, the town near my house though according to my grandfather, they don't test military craft there. I also feel that it's strange that my grandfather was so calm after I told him what I saw. To this day, whenever I ask him about it he changes the subject right away. Please let me know if there's any other information I can give you or if I can help out in any way. After my experience, I became completely obsessed with the Phoenix Lights. I'm just curious, do you think it was a military craft or something else from out of this world? Thanks again for hearing my story!

To this day I'm trying to find someone else that saw what I did that was in the area, but to no avail. I was always afraid to tell people about this, especially close friends and family. Only now am I becoming more open about what I experienced that night. I would love to hear your insight on this. Just recalling and writing this message to you gives me a chill down my spine. Thanks so much for reading!

Zack E


Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 14:03:31 +0200
Subject: Important sighting in Italy, March 29th 1997

Good morning Dr. Lynne Kitei,
I write you from a town named Bibione in Italy, not far from Venice.

I watched one of your interviews on an Italian television news the last night and I jumped from my chair. Because I had almost the same experience, in the same month, 17 years ago and I tried to share it with someone for years without success. After hearing your experience now I'm even more sure that what I saw with my dad and my uncle (at about 9 PM on March 29th 1997) wasn't anything human and now I'm here to tell you what happened hoping you (or someone for you) will read this mail.

As I said, it was March 29th, 1997. I can remember as it was Easter Eve. It was about 9 PM and with my dad and my uncle we decided to reach the upper terrace of our building to watch the Halley Comet (that's what made me jump from my chair when I heard you talking about the Phoenix Lights because people of Arizona were watching it too) which was perfectly clear that night thanks to a clean sky.
We were watching it and, for a second, I turned my head to watch other stars in the opposite direction when I heard my dad screaming: "Look there, look there!!!".
I turned my head toward the comet's direction and I saw these 3 very fast and absolutely silent triangular shaped objects, each of them with 2 globes of lights, passing in the sky.
Their light was peculiar, not like those we use to see on planes, very bright.
Suddenly they disassembled in 6 globes, they mixed up and each of them shot away in a different direction, in less then a second, without making any noise. They disappeared without leaving any trace.
Planes can't do these things, nothing human or built by humans can. It was something extra terrestrial, I have no doubt of it.

Thanks for your attention.


Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 13:23:46 +0200
Subject: RE: Important sighting in Italy, March 29th 1997

Good morning Dr. Lynne,

I'm so glad that you received and answered my mail! I've been trying to share our experience for years without success and I'm so thankful that finally someone is listening to me. I just hope that you'll be able to understand my poor English.

I have some more precise details. As I already said it was March 29th, 1997 at about 9 PM in Bibione, near Venice, Italy. I asked again my father to remember exactly what he saw, as he was the first one to see this phenomenon.
He said that at the beginning (the "part I didn't saw as I was watching the stars) there were three triangular objects and their surface was entirely colored between green and blue, like phosphorescent but not too bright. They were one behind the other.
Then these three triangles turned into three couples of globes, very bright, of about the same colors they had before the transformation. I started seeing them from this moment.
Then, the globes mixed up and they suddenly flew away in a different directions, in less then a second, without leaving any trace, disappearing instantly.
It all happened very fast, without any sound, in complete silence.
As I said, it couldn't be anything human, and surely it wasn't a plane!

Thank you again for answering me.




Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 19:14:42 -0700
Subject: The space ship that flew over AZ on March 13 , 1997

Dear Dr.Lynne,

The lights first appeared over Granite Mountain. I thought they were stars in alignment, but which stars I thought? The view from the glass door in my living room is Northwest in direction. The second time I glanced up from my TV directly below and in front of the door (that door isn't used) the lights were much closer, so I quickly walked outside to the NW patio through the laundry room to get a better view of the approaching lights. I quickly realized they were part of a huge spaceship.

I very clearly saw the ships shape and outline of its fuselage illuminated by its "low speed navigation lights" (which did not blink). The lights were located toward the front lower portion of the ships leading edge and it's "flying wing" design. It had a boomerang shape and was quite sleek and heavily rounded all over, no sharp or protruding appendages.

My house is situated atop the predominant rocky hill about 1/2 mile from downtown Prescott. As it passed directly over my house I estimate it was no more than 500 to 800 feet above ground level. It was totally silent and traveling at about 25 to 35 mph. There was something like a connected grid of low intensity light that was very close to pulsating, but it's illumination was not like anything I'd ever seen, even in a movie special effect. The best I can describe it is, that it had depth and a definite pattern that was almost creating an illusion of the underbelly of the ship, rather than the actual exterior being visible (like a cloaking device).

The most interesting part of the whole experience was the appearance of the exhaust emitted by the ships engines. It was quite long extending perhaps 300 to 500 feet behind each of the six engines. It had a linear depth that was at a right angle (up and down) as opposed to the ships shape and configuration. It appeared to look like a fish swimming as it tapered off into the darkness behind the ship (which the Air Traffic Controllers also describe as a trail in the opposite direction of the wind). The multi-colored fumes were all colors of the rainbow and very brilliant and seemed to be actually swimming out of its engines. The exhaust had an appearance of "fish scales" separate blasts all contained in the exhaust plume each multi-colored and all together with a shimmering appearance and swimming at the same time within the plume.

As the ship passed over out of view I quickly ran through the house to the front deck that commands perhaps the best view of downtown Prescott to get another look. As the exhaust faded into darkness, I could clearly see the craft was approximately the size of downtown Prescott about 1 mile across in size I'd estimate.

It was most definitely not from our world, no doubt whatsoever in my mind!

My Father was a private pilot with his own plane and private airstrip in Chino Valley, Arizona in the 1960's and early 70's. We traveled extensively in the US and Mexico in his small planes. I was the navigator. I posses an astounding sense of direction and superior judgment of distance and relative size of objects in the atmosphere and superior depth perception. My vision was always better than any of my children at 20/20 until about 8 years ago when it declined up close. I'm 63 now living in Jerome, Arizona about 30 miles from my house in Prescott that I now lease for income and investment. I was a general contractor for 20 years, a lumberman, logger, truck driver and sawmill operator for the last 20 years.

Just thought you'd like to hear my eye witness account of my sighting of the spaceship. This was no UFO. I personally can absolutely testify that it was for sure, positively, a huge spaceship that had to come from outer space and flew low over my house that evening. No other possible explanation of its appearance is possible to me and I can for sure identify it as a spaceship. My older kids live in Dallas with their families now, so I've had a couple opportunities to visit the UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico. I know I'm now one of many who have first hand experience of a close encounter of the 2nd kind.




Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 22:31:01 -0700
Subject: Prescott Sighting

Dear Dr. Kitei,

Sorry I haven't read your book or viewed the Documentary. I just pulled up Phoenix Lights on my iphone and pushed "contact" with my finger. I'm not real computer savvy, I've always depended on my Son (now 37), who is head of IT and oversees 30 employees in IT at his corporate job, so he takes care of my IT needs.

Thank you for responding to my contacts. I'll try to answer your questions.

I don't know exactly what time the lights first appeared, but it was not totally dark outside when I first saw them over Granite Mountain. A little twilight remained to the West. It could have been up to 20 minutes time elapsed from start to finish (my sighting of the ship that is).

The Sky Harbor triangle (on the GAP page) is the closest in configuration to the ship I saw. The lights were large and bright, very bright, seven in all, spaced across the front leading edge of the craft. The ship was contoured and rounded on the leading edge with the general shape of the Sky Harbor triangle. Nothing like the carpenters square with lights in the bottom of the fuselage. It had more of a boomerang shape though -- a stubby boomerang.

The entire underside of the ship was cloaked as I said , with light pulsating in a grid that appeared to have depth directly next to the outer skin of its fuselage. The exhaust plumes from the "engines" were not at all like jet engine contrails but were more like the shape of the leaves on a stalk of corn standing upright and wiggling much like a ribbon would if it was attached to an air duct (like a fish swimming).

I described the colors and shimmering appearance before. There appeared to be separate "blasts" of energy within the exhaust plumes that made the fish scale appearance, all mixed within the multi-colored plumes. These small components (blasts) were more like a white / yellow mix of color.

That ship was flying pretty slow, way too slow to stay in the air with the wing / lift technology that we posess and what makes our airplanes fly. The ship was traveling on a heading from the North West to South East. The lights did not blink. The main seven large navigation lights appeared round and very bright. The grid of light beneath its hull pulsated with light. It appeared fuzzy and out of focus. As I said, it was totally silent, except when I think about it there was a presence, a huge presence as it passed directly overhead; "sound" doesn't describe it well. Possibly something like radiation was being dispersed into the atmosphere. I felt something I can't exactly describe. I couldn't see any engines as it passed over, only six exhaust plumes I described before. I just assumed there were engines that were running and engaged somehow to create the plumes behind the craft. I got the distinct feeling the ship was in ultra-slow flight mode as it passed over me.

This craft was powered by a type of fuel we know absolutely nothing about that I'm sure of.




This intriguing report caught our attention, as Dr. Lynne actually videotaped similar aerial anomalies in 2008 and shares the dramatic footage in the Phoenix Lights Documentary. In addition, the same phenomena were also reported over the Navajo Nation the day BEFORE the 3.13.97 AZ mass incident. Exciting to hear from another first-hand witness, who not only affirms the stunning & mysterious lights, but how cathartic it is to share the data. This report also confirms that in almost 17 years since the historic & still unexplained AZ mass UFO sighting, there has not been ONE report of harm, threat or abduction associated with the Phoenix Lights. As this witness attests, the reaction - in real time & long term - is quite the opposite. To this day, witnesses are still in awe & wonder!

Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 09:19:53 -0700

Subject: I have seen a different version of the Phoenix lights


Thank goodness for this site, I’ve been wanting to share my story for some time but wasn’t sure how I would be received; it started back in 1998 when we first moved here, we were traveling back to Scottsdale from Mesa on McKelleps through the Salt River wash when my daughter exclaimed that there were bright unusual lights outside our rear window of our car, it was approx.. 5 PM, on a Sunday afternoon, at first I didn’t pay any attention, she was 7 and had a great imagination, after her coaxing, I looked and what I saw amazed me and was different from the photos you took, this was huge and so far has only been present when there are clouds in the sky;( there is more I want to add to that but first I must tell you about the shape) there was a light in the center of a circle and 5 lights surrounding it in a circular pattern, all rotating independently and simultaneously coming towards the center and then out again always going in a clockwise pattern.

I have seen this at least 7 or 8 times and the weirdest is the last time; I sat out in my back yard, I’m at Indian bend and Pima, Pima running behind my house (in Scottsdale, 85258) I have never taken a picture because I didn’t have a “smart phone” or a camera with a flash, I do now though and plan to photograph it as soon as I spot another. The time before last was the weirdest and that was about a year ago; it had been cloudy and I lay on my lounge chair for at least 20 minutes watching it directly above me, I went in the house for about ten minutes and when I came back out there was only one cloud left in the sky and the rest of it had disappeared except for one little cloud in the sky and in that one cloud was the same light I had seen before but in a much smaller scale and moving in the same direction, right to left in a clockwise fashion, that was the weirdest.

I have also seen the Phoenix lights, my son and daughter and I were driving to California on the 10 through, “Litchfield Park” area, it was around 2007 at about 9 PM, they were all in a straight line.

I also had another time when I was visiting back home in Tinton Falls, N.J. 07724 July 17th, 2011 at about 11:30 PM , we were all still up, it was myself, my brother Mark Rasmussen and his son Erick and my two kids; at the time my daughter was 19, my son 11, my brother was the first to see it, he was outside talking on the phone and we heard him exclaim; oh my god there is a space ship in front of my house! I was the first to run outside, my daughter was shaking she was so scared and the rest of us were in awe, it was 1/2 the size of a football field and hovering at about 50 feet directly across the street, it was round and very bright and the light on it was illuminated so it did not shine light on us but seemed to glow, it was silent and had different colored lights around the whole disk, the color I remember most was, amber. This thing was so bright and colorful that it looked as if it were animated. It sat there for about 5 or 10 minutes, none of us had our phones on us but as soon as I mentioned get your phone, it started to drift away from us and behind a tree, after it passed behind the tree it was a small grey blimp, it must have, “shape shifted” , at least that is how it appeared, I only wish one of us had our phones on us, it obviously was meant for us to see and that’s it, unless there are others who have seen it, in which case I would love to know who they are.

It took two years to write into the National UFO hotline and report it , it was as if it had to have time to sink in and become a real reality, my son who is 11 saw it and I know he would not lie about something that amazing, you can view my post by looking at the date and town which was: June 17th, 2011 11:30 PM Tinton Falls N.J. 07724. I live in Scottsdale at Indian bend and Pima in the McCormick Ranch neighborhood.

I can’t help think there is some sort of reason why certain people see these things so often and others don’t (possible that they are always looking down) I hope you believe my story because it is all very true, I’m still in a state of awe and there aren’t very many people you can talk to about this without them thinking your pulling the wool over their eyes or a big story teller, which I am not, it’s all very real and yes they do have extreme intelligence and no I don’t think they are here to harm us but to help in some way.

I would love to hear from someone about this, but if I don’t I feel better having told you, thank you!


Kris V. Hartland



Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 21:44:14 -0700
Subject: Phoenix Lights

Dear Dr.Lynne;

We met at the showing of the "Phoenix Lights" (at the Scottsdale Harkins Shea Cinema on March 17, 2013) and I said I'd let you know my personal experience with the March 13, 1997 "UP" (Unexplained Phenomena).

I've been a board-certified Family Practice AZ doctor since 1966 and except for a couple years as the Grand Canyon doctor, practiced here in Wickenburg where I was Chief of Staff for 16 yrs at Wickenburg Community Hospital and ran my own Wickenburg Medical Center Clinic even longer. Went to Med school back in Indiana University School of Medicine.

I also am an attorney... graduated from U of AZ Law School and passed the AZ Bar in 1978... I taught at the Medical School while I was in Tucson going to Law School...

I've only seen other glowing "orbs" once before and it was at the bottom of the Canyon on the River... can't explain them either.

I live north of Wickenburg on a 300 acre ranch I've owned since 1977. My two story house is on the highest hill 600 feet off the Hassayampa River. My 13 year old daughter, Jaimie, and I were standing on the back upper porch looking for the Hale-Bopp comet in the sky around 7:45pm with a video camera on March 13, 1997.
All at once Jaimie says "Is that it?" We were stunned to see this VERY large "V" shaped dark black object with 7 orange glowing lights no more than a 1000 ft above us and it was heading southeast towards the Phoenix area. It passed directly overhead and blocked out the stars and sky. There was no sound at all and it was moving SLOW... no more than 30mph.

I estimate the width of the UP at over 3 kilometers and depth of 1 kilometer. Yes, we could still see the lights even directly underneath. There were definitely 7 lights equidistant from each other with the sharp angle back from the leading one at approximately 37.5 degrees in a flying "V". The "lights" on the UP were the most significant part of the whole experience. They did not shine outward or illuminate... but instead were like glowing orange balls of energy... large, probably 60 meters in diameter each...definitely joined together as part of the large "V" shaped craft...traveling slowly and noiselessly. It was a massive structure that blacked out the stars as it passed overhead traveling SE towards Phoenix.

It took 15 to 20 minutes to pass all the way out of our sight.

I, nor Jaimie, felt any fear, but instead sort of a wonderment and excitement.

I was sure there would be some explanation the next day. I called Luke AFB because I was sure they were informed, but I got the "flares over Goldwater Gunnery Range" bs and I told them it was NOT flares, but it fell on deaf ears.

...I have flown 6000 hrs since 1959 and owned 6 airplanes while holding an instrument-rated pilot's license all these years. I actually thought it might be some experimental secret aircraft that our government developed using some new anti-gravity device. I talked to some friends in the military... but they have heard of nothing being developed and were astonished to hear my account. I know some very strange folks and no one has had a clue.

I used to fly back and forth to Tucson every other day for Law School/Med School teaching from Wickenburg so I know damn well what flares, Helios, etc. look like ...and the UP was nothing like was NOT of this dimension/time/reality.

We got all of it on VHS tape and showed it to other family members for months.(The video recording) was remarkably clear and all my family saw the tape and no one had an explanation...and there are 7 attorneys and 8 doctors in my extended family...including over educated bunch!

I think the" UP" brought my daughter and I closer for some weird reason... and I felt compelled to paint pictures of the "V" soon after the encounter.... and I'm not a good painter. It was real and impressed both myself and my 13yr old daughter ... neither of us believed in UFOs before then. We do now.

Thanks for bringing back special memories ....


Morton S.Thomas M.D.J.D.


Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2011 22:05:50 -0800
Subject: Phoenix Lights March 1997

Hello Dr. Lynne,

I came across the Phoenix Lights website and wanted to share my story to add to the many who have documented this phenomenon. I am a wife and mother. I have worked as a secretary, massage therapist, and now in management at a school. I am not a wierdo. I am a normal productive citizen. I can no longer find my calendar where I documented this when it happened, but as many said in the video documentary The Phoenix Lights, I will never forget it.

My story is very similar to the many already told, except that I was not in Phoenix. I was in Pinole, CA and the lights were over my house, heading in the direction of Phoenix. It was early March, the week of the 13th, around 7:15pm PST. I remember this because I just finished seeing a client and had 15 min before my 7:30 client. I asked her if she had seen the comet yet. She had not, so I got out my binoculars and we went in my front yard to see the comet. Mars was also very visible that night, but in the opposite direction in the sky from the comet. We were watching the comet, and stopped to talk.

Suddenly the lights appeared above us. They were huge glowing globes of light in a triangular formation. At first I thought they were the underbelly of a flock of geese with the moonlight reflecting off of them. But then we realized that was not the case. They were too big, too circular, and stayed in one place. They just hovered above us. No movement, no noise, no sound what-so-ever. They were perfect circles of light. I remember thinking they looked like fake harvest moons pinned up in the sky. There were 5 or maybe 7 in a V shape. First 3 of them appeared, and then the others appeared until it was a V shape. I remember that they were very low in the sky. Definitely in earth's atmosphere. I also remember having a sense of peace, as if they were there to make sure the comet did not hit the earth, as if they were watching out for us. But then, that was just a feeling.

My client and I watched them for what seemed like 5 minutes or more. No need for the binoculars. They were huge, and close, and a brightly glowing light, but no glare, no dispersed edges. As I said, perfect circles as if pinned up in the sky. Suddenly, while we were watching them, they disappeared instantly. They did not fade out, they did not fly off. They were there, and then not there, right in front of our eyes. It was exciting. I felt gratitude for having the experience.

Later that night I called a friend of mine (former law enforcement) to tell him what happened and to ask what to do, who to notify. He listened, astonished, and then told me that what I described was exactly what was being reported over Phoenix. Once I saw the pictures, and tonight came across the video, I know that I saw the same lights. I will never forget the experience. It will always be with me. Thank you for listening to my story. I am just one more who has witnessed these lights and will never forget it.





Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 18:41:37 -0800
Subject: RE: Phoenix Lights March 1997
From: S.P.

Hello again Dr. Lynne,

I looked up the date of my sighting. It was on March 13th.........hmmmmmmmmmmm. I remember that because the client that I was with came on thursday evenings at 6pm. I just had to look up what the date was, and it turned out it was on March 13th!

I remember the experience very clearly. I did not notice the lights attached to a craft. However, when the lights first appeared there were two or three, then 4, then 5 that lined up in a curved line. At first I thought it was windows of a round craft. As the additional lights appeared they were then in the V shape, with the tip of the V headed in the direction of Phoenix from where I live. I knew nothing of the Phoenix lights at that time. When the lights were in a V shape, I noticed whispy clouds move in front and behind the lights. I did not notice a black craft. The whispy clouds allowed me to estimate that the lights, which I felt were separate crafts at that time, were close and within our atmosphere.

As far as size, it was enormous. The lights themselves were each like a large silvery harvest moon. About the size of a full moon that is close to the earth. Their length as a group, if I hold my arms at full length, my hands would be about 30 inches apart, end to end. FYI - I am 5'- 7" tall, if that helps you to calculate the distance.

I am so glad to have someone with whom I can finally share this experience. Someone who can understand and does not think I am nuts.




Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 14:04:43 -0400
Subject: Greetings! and sincerest thanks for jump-starting our awareness

Dr. Kitei,

...I had the most amazing experience with my son, we saw these lights without a doubt, and I wanted to share that with you so we can add our testimony to the group of those coming forward, Our Sighting

My son (11) is visiting us for the summer like he always has. We were visiting my wife's family in Sea Isle City, NJ, last weekend for our normal 4th of July get-together (2011). When the town fireworks were beginning on the evening of the 4th, my son and I grabbed our beach chairs and went out to the beach and sat next to the water to watch the fireworks. The entire Jersey shoreline is literally packed with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people every year for the fireworks. In hindsight I found this fact very intriguing once I started to relate what we saw with the "Phoenix Lights" documentary. (I had already seen the show before our sighting.)

About half way through the fireworks show, my son and I noticed (at the same time) that there were a series of very orange lights, ten total, all lined up, over the horizon in front of us. They didn't show up one by one, but rather all appeared at the same time. At first we thought they were just joy-riders in helicopters or airplanes, watching the fireworks from the air. But we very quickly realized that these lights weren't independent of each other. They moved in a very intentional direction, seemingly all together (in two groups of 5), left to right, each light keeping the exact distance with the others. They all moved together for about ~45 degrees in our field of vision (in the span of about 10 minutes), and then we saw the first light slowly fade and disappear. The remaining lights kept their direction and speed, and one by one each light disappeared in the exact same location that the first one did, almost like they were disappearing behind something static, like a cloud. But there were no clouds that we could see. We were speechless as we watched, and I immediately thought of the "Phoenix Lights" documentary.

I find it fascinating that if these were indeed our visitors, that they chose a location absolutely packed with people (much like the '97 sightings were over the most densely populated areas of Arizona.) We could hear everyone around us commenting and talking about them, so I'm positive we weren't just losing our minds and the only ones to witness them.

I am, admittedly, a skeptic at heart, very scientific, mathematical, and logical in my thoughts... always finding the logical explanation in things. But this very obviously was not explanable, and I cannot deny that I (very physically and tangibly) felt something while they were there. They were probably one of the most beautiful hues/shades of orange I have ever seen; almost as if there was a subconscious undertone of purple hidden in them. They were bright but absolutely did not glare or twinkle.

This was easy to notice given that there were plenty of aircraft in the area (white, red, green, blinking, glaring). A few of the orange lights seemed to subtly pulsate, brighter to dimmer to brighter, in a very steady and non-random cadence. Then, after watching for a few minutes, my son said the most profound thing that I will never forget about this experience.

Like I mentioned, I was feeling a VERY strong pull, very peaceful, almost felt very wise. I kept it to myself, thinking my son would think me a nutcase if I mentioned it. But then he said, "Daddy? Do you feel really good right now?" I was a little shocked and asked him what he meant by 'good'. "You know," he said, "that little tingle you get in your chest right before you laugh at something funny? It just feels like that but it's not going away like a laugh would." No matter how hard I may try, I don't think I could ever explain that feeling better than he did at that moment. He was spot on.


Jason Blackford


Date: Sat, 7 May 2011 22:20:28 -0700
Subject: Re: The Phoenix Lights... 03/13/1997... Approx 9pm Tucson time...

Hello Again Dr. Lynne,

I am so excited to finally share my story with someone else that believes publicly. I have told my story many times in the past to my friends and co-worker's, etc... but I have never shared it with a professional. I hope that you take the following words to heart... because this experience has been very close to me for a very long time.

On the night of 3/13/97, I was 13 years old. My address where I lived with my mother (49 at the time) and brother (16 at the time) at the time was 4880 N Sabino Canyon Rd Tucson, AZ 85750-7006... called Quail and Thistle Apartments (at the time.) My mom wanted to go to Basha's before the grocery sales ended for the week. We left my brother at the house and drove west across Snyder Rd, between Sabino Canyon Rd and Kolb Rd at sometime between 8pm-10pm. After all this time I don't remember the exact time... just that my mom was trippin' about getting her grocery sales... hence the late night trip to the market. All of a sudden my mom stopped the car in the middle of the road, westbound on Snyder, halfway between the two North/South bound roads. When I say the middle of the road... I literally mean the middle of her lane... not pulled off to the side at all. She got out of her drivers side door and turned around to be facing east. I asked her what the heck she was doing and she just continued to stare into the night sky. I proceeded to get out of the passenger side door and turn to look at what she was looking at.

Overhead was an enormous craft. My mom was like a deer in headlights (like in shock) and I was overwhelmed with awe and couldn't believe that this thing was traveling overhead. It was COMPLETELY SILENT. It was large enough to cover the neighborhoods on both sides of Snyder Rd. It was traveling very slow... it took about 60-90 second total to pass overhead... but that short amount of time felt like a lot longer because of the shock I was in. There were 3 distinct lights (or better described by you as "Orbs") on the front and rear... one on the front of the V shaped craft and two on the back corners. I remember that down the sides of the V was like an iridescent glow that was not bright, but rather foggy. The 3 distinct lights also were not bright... almost foggy like too. The craft itself was not visible to the naked eye but you could tell it was there, dark and blocking out the stars in the sky, and outlined by iridescence. It passed over us and disappeared behind the hill that is at the intersection of Kolb and Snyder in Tucson.

We both got back into the car, went shopping and went home. We didn't say a word the whole time in the market and I remember the Twilight Zone feel.... not from what I had just experienced by itself, but also from the late night store vibe. When we got back home we proceeded to tell my brother about EVERYTHING that had happened. He was laughing at us and thought that we were making up stories to be dumb. He soon would be eating his words.

I went to school the next day and told all my teachers and friends about what I saw the night before. Everyone laughed at me and thought that I was making things up... I guess for attention... and no one took me (or my mom) seriously. I was in 7th grade at Esperero Canyon Middle School and the new kid. I had transferred from Utterback Middle School and was having issues already with the new environment. I realized very quickly that openly telling people about this type of experience was a bad idea.. especially when you are the new girl.

Then the following night (I believe-- I know that it was VERY shortly after... but this WAS 14 years ago) on the local news (Kgun9 maybe?) there was stories all over about the sightings all over Arizona. My brother sat and watched in shock. FINALLY somebody knew that I wasn't being crazy or making things up for the hell of it. He apologized for not believing us. It was teenager talk for a while that no one paid attention to... and then it was something that I just stopped talking about because of the reaction I would get. It has always stayed with me though.

About 2 years ago I looked up the story from AZ back in the late 90's and started to find the vast network that is available online now... 14 years later. I didn't have the exact details until I looked it up... because I was a kid and never wrote stuff like that down and did not remember it (that's for sure.) After I watched the documentary and saw you talk about what you saw and saw in your heart how you felt about what you saw... I knew that I must contact you and share my story. I have never met you but I saw your eyes light up as you told your story. I am 27 now and live back in Tucson with my 8 year old son, Nicholas. I appreciate you taking the time to read my brief story and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Sarah N. Clark




Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 19:03:08 -0700
Subject: 3/13/97 sighting


On March 13, 1997 at about 3pm my brother and I saw a HUGE boomerang shaped object floating really high in the sky over our campsite. I did not see any lights on it but it was still daylight out so maybe that’s why I could not see any. It was the silvery color of a blob of mercury and just as featureless. It made no sound and was bigger than any plane in production. We were camped on the Verde River, about 90 miles NE Phoenix. Neither of us had a camera. My binoculars were fogged up and useless from being submerged in the river that day. We kept looking at it then at each other then back at it and saying “what the hell is that?” We watched it float over us for maybe ten minutes then lost sight of it. Three days later my girlfriend picked us up and we told her we saw what looked like a HUGE, featureless, boomerang shaped, blob of Mercury floating high in the sky over our camp. It wasn’t a plane or a balloon. She then told us there was stuff on the news about strange lights over Phoenix. We never reported what we saw because we didn’t have any photos of it and all the press was about “lights” and we didn’t see any lights at all. I have not read of anyone seeing what we saw that day. I would be interested to know if anyone emails you about a sighting like mine.




Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 16:45:34 +0000
Subject: Phoenix Lights Viewing in 1996


I am writing to you after I saw a program on National Geographic yesterday regarding the phoenix lights people had witnessed in 1997.

I am residing in UK now. I have witnessed the same pattern, but it was back in the year Nov 1996. I was in India that time, I was 14 years old that time. It was school holidays, and me, my elder sis and friends always loved going to our building terrace and look into sky for some shooting stars and make a wish. Our building terrace is quite on 9th floor and the viewing is really great.

One night around 7:30 or 8 pm, we were just observing the clear skies and we saw the same pattern appear suddenly. There were about 4 golden balls of light that appeared in a pattern and they were arranged in a step like pattern, it was a V synchronous pattern and movement. The lights were steady for some time, and by little they were moving upwards, but when one golden ball moved the others moved at the same time.

It was the most amazing experience of our life. Unfortunately I did not have any camera handy to take a picture. I hoped I could have done that. In about 15 minutes that pattern disappeared in the air, there was no sudden movement, but just became invisible. We ran the building premises to see if we could get another glimpse of it, but nothing was visible.

I saw this program of Phoenix Lights on National Geographic and video taken was exactly the same of what we had seen, but it was not in year 1997, it was in the year 1996 at night 8 pm in Nov.

Would like to get on to the Network and know more.


Deepa Satam


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