Summary of Witness Accounts

On March 13th 1997, an extraordinary event occurred across the state of Arizona that has become the subject of great debate in the UFO community. Hundreds, and perhaps thousands of witnesses from all walks of life reported seeing a large v-shaped craft, over a mile across with unusual lights, travel slowly and silently by at a very low altitude. Some witnesses who reported being directly underneath it as it passed, said it drifted right over the housetops, so close it seemed "they could almost touch it."

Witness accounts suggest that at least one unknown craft and possibly others passed directly over Phoenix and penetrated through Sky Harbor airspace, before drifting off to the south towards Tucson. At least one air traffic controller at Sky Harbor Airport admitted in a televised news interview that he saw the lights from the tower using binoculars, but did not see anything on radar.

Skeptics and debunkers dismiss the event as flares or a host of other manmade or natural explanations while thousands of witnesses insist that what they saw cannot be explained in any known terms. There are many facts, photos, witness accounts and notable circumstances that are attached to the event and similar events that have occurred all over the world.

The Phoenix Lights Documentary Trailer

"THE PHOENIX LIGHTS - WE ARE NOT ALONE" Producers Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. and Steve Lantz present their Internationally award-winning film, an in-depth examination of the mile-wide, v-shaped light formations and craft witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th 1997. UFO buffs call it "the most documented unexplained mass sighting ever recorded."

WINNER Best Documentary (2005 International Sci-Fi & Horror Film Festival).

WINNER Best Director
(2005 NY International Independent Film & Video Festival).

Also received three nominations for Best Documentary Feature.

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Flyover Versus Orbs

To fully understand the Phoenix Lights you have to first classify them into two distinct categories; The MASS FLYOVER that was witnessed by thousands on March 13th 1997 and mysterious, luminescent ORBS that have continuously appeared in the Arizona skies before and after the famous mass sighting.

Steve Lantz, co-Producer of The Phoenix Lights Documentary, explains the difference between the two types of sightings and that the orbs are commonly mistaken or explained away as military flares.

Steve closely observed these mysterious ORBS from a 737 departing Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on November 21st 2005 at 8:15 pm, around the same time the Phoenix Lights event occurred in 1997. Steve insists that they definitely were not military flares or any known natural occurrence.

Flare Theory Debunked

The flare theory is by far the most common theory and the official explanation issued by the local Phoenix military to explain away the historical Phoenix Lights mass sighting that occurred on March 13th 1997.

Steve Lantz, co-Producer of the Phoenix Lights Documentary, thoroughly debunks the flare theory.

Military Craft Theory Debunked

Many skeptics believe the Phoenix Lights event that occurred on March 13th 1997 was a top-secret blimp or military craft.

Steve Lantz, co-Producer of the Phoenix Lights Documentary and a licensed private pilot, debunks this theory.

ET Disclosure

Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. explains how the U.S. government cover-up of UFOs began during the Truman era.

Steve Lantz, co-Producer of The Phoenix Lights Documentary, brings up valid points about the long cover-up of ET presence, how important it is to keep an open mind and the benefits of joining our vast cosmic community.


There are many strange events that occurred prior to the mass sighting known as the Phoenix Lights. What happened to the MISTI-3 satellite? Unusual gamma ray bursts just hours before the famous Phoenix Lights event? Are they related or just coincidence? --You decide.

Phoenix Lights investigator, Jim Dilettoso and key witness, Mike Fortson, reveal many strange synchronistic events that occurred prior to and after the Arizona mass sighting .


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A Filmmaker's Perspective

Producer/Filmmaker, Steve Lantz, describes how The Phoenix Lights Documentary was produced from concept to completion.
Clinton's (UFO) Speech in Hong Kong 14 Sep 2005

Grant Cameron & Neil Gould obtain original footage of a relaxed moment during Q&A in Hong Kong 14.9.05; Clinton discusses UFO's, Roswell and Area 51. "I wouldnt be the first President that underlings have lied to". Much speculation about the contents of this speech is on the internet; CLINTONS WORLDVIEW. For the first time, you can now watch it and make up your own mind about his speech...Did he try to find out about UFO'S?. Further commentry about Presidents and UFO's on
Clinton White House Chief John Podesta on UFO Disclosure

Clinton White House Chief, John Podesta, talks of the need for disclosure of the UFO phenomena.
Vatican UFO Disclosure Soon

Will the Vatican disclose the existence of aliens among us?

Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting March 13, 1997

According to Phoenix Lights witness Steve Blonder, "Video shows UFOs sighted March 10, 11, 12 and 13 from my home in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997.
UFO investigators were present to review previous nights’ film when 5 UFOs were filmed at 10:00pm. Several months later the military claimed these lights were flares however there was no illumination or smoke which are characteristic of the types of flares claimed to be dropped. No flare drops were claimed for the previous evenings which are captured here in the same part of the sky as the sighting on March 13, 1997."

2009 UFO Orb Fleet Sighting & News Report - Phoenix, Arizona

May 28, 2009 orb fleet over Phoenix, Arizona, filmed by Sharon Mincheff and Jeremey Fox.
UFOs Are Real