CBS5 MORNING SHOW - 3.13.2013 and CBS5 10pm TV NEWS 3.12.2013

TRAVEL CHANNEL "Mysteries at the Museum", filmed at the Smithsonian Atomic Museum, featuring Dr. Kitei & the Camera that captured the 3.13.97 signature Phoenix Lights footage

Dr. Lynne discusses FBI Investigation of UFOs on FOX "America Live" 4/11/11

As she shared, the document was later confirmed a hoax by numerous credible sources, including Discovery News & Above Top

13th Phoenix Lights Anniversary Celebration Radio Interviews with Dr. Lynne Kitei

Coast to Coast 3-06-2010
Angelia Joiner "Dr. Lynne Kitei on Friday’s The Joiner Report"
The Edge - Utopia Radio
Kate Valentine Show
Matrix Radio

AVAILABLE IN JUNE, 2010: Whitley Strieber's DREAMLAND interview
Dr. Lynne visits with resident psychic/medium, Marla Frees. NEW Phoenix Lights revelations, evidence of "missing time", Spirit World, and lots more.

MUFON REPORT June 2, 2010

Intriguing video concerning the "Phoenix Lights" and future contact

Phoenix lights UFO: Experiment, acclimation? by Steve Hammons

UFOs Over Phoenix: National Geographic Documentary Premieres Monday Evening
A new documentary investigation into the still-unexplained March 1997 mass UFO sightings in Arizona premieres Monday, Feb 22 at 7 and 10 p.m. local Phoenix time. The refreshing conclusion of American Paranormal: UFOs over Phoenix is that current engineering science cannot account for the performance characteristics in descriptions of large, silent structured craft that appeared over the state that night.

National Geographic Phoenix Lights UFO Special Prompts Personal Disclosure
The airing in England and Wales of an acclaimed new documentary of the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights mass UFO sightings events has prompted a witness to a similar sighting to contact well known Phoenix Lights researcher Dr. Lynne Kitei with a first person account of a similar sighting which occurred in India in 1996.

Phoenix Lights UFO Documentary Airs in England
Phoenix Lights UFO documentary airs in England on National Geographic TV featuring researcher, writer and GAP illustrator, Larry Lowe.

Dateline NBC: Top 10 UFO Encounters Caught on Tape
Dateline NBC - May 18,2008. The Phoenix Lights is featured as the number one UFO Sighting caught on tape by Dateline NBC.

Phoenix UFO Video Shot by CNN Reporter
By Common World Lineage
There is an interesting comment, that the different light formations were noticed. Perhaps some kind of a communication signal...

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CNN report featuring Dr. Kitei & the March 2000
failed Military flare re-enactment.
The Phoenix Lights was voted the #1 UFO sighting
caught on tape by Dateline NBC
Dr. Kitei appears on CNN celebrating the 16th Anniversary
of the historic & still unexplained AZ mass UFO sighting
FBI/UFO Disclosure on FOX Network News
with Reporter Shannon Bream & Dr. Kitei

CNN AZFamily3 Report 3.13.14.
Key Witness Dr. Lynne explored the "Phoenix Lights" possibilities - that have been ruled out.
To date, there is no explanation!

Dr. Lynne visits the CBS5 Morning Show 3.13.14.

FOX10 TV News Report 3.13.14
New "Phoenix Lights" witness PLUS a Forensic CGI Animation of the silent mile wide boomerang craft
that was seen directly overhead & covering Prescott, AZ during the 3.13.97 AZ Mass Events.